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years of experience in business and analytics

Common sense, expertise and openness.

“Data and business. We enjoy that. We are a bunch of people on the same wave who like to do data projects. Instead of an individual, we bring the experience of the whole team. We believe that the combination of know-how in the field of data, business and technology makes life more efficient and easier for companies. We don't like complicated analyzes and we have to see meaning behind everything. And most of all, we need it to entertain us and the customer.”
Rado a JT — founders of BizzTreat

No more assumptions.
Reliable data will answer your questions.

Get overview

All data sources will be unified and thus we create single point of truth for the whole company

Gain control

Which parts of your business work effectively? What are the areas where you can earn and save more?

Increase performance

Making fast decisions and having the key information at the right time brings usually 30% of extra sales.

Our customers just love us. We think you will too. 

"In last-mile delivery business it is crucial to respond to changes immediately. Thanks to BizzTreat we have significantly better overview of our fleet, its productivity and therefore we are able to deal with situations almost real time."
Viera Slota Gecková, CFO, DoDo
“BizzTreat built BI for Rohlik and Cera with me from the very beginning. Without them I don’t know where we are heading.”
Marek Sacha, CEO, Cera, XOM materials

How do we do data analysis at BizzTreat?

We pour all data
into one pile.

Then we clean them up and link them together.

Results are displayed in well-arranged charts.

We look for growth opportunities with you.

Case Study

Agile data analytics helps MALFINI, a.s. to manage performance of their sales team and to increase sales by 30% year on year.

Our partners and friends:

Pilot project – our form of „try and buy “

First results in 30 days

In practice, we understand that finding a competent company to implement Business Intelligence can be tough nut to crack. We don’t want you to buy a pig in a poke. Therefore, we came up with a pilot project.

This pilot project includes full implementation and service of agile Business Intelligence at small scale directly in your company. With live data, of course.

Together we will change the future of your company.

Book your place in our pilot project.

Have you tasted it yet?

It’s here, finally. We launch our tips and tricks from the area of online communication, data analytics and cloud services.