Our Achievements

A Leap in Revenue Growth for Veterinary Clinics by 20% Thanks to an Advanced Analytics Platform

VETS AS is an expert in developing sophisticated software solutions for efficient and modern management of veterinary clinics, regardless of their size. The software solution from Vets helps optimize costs and increase revenues, enabling veterinary clinics to achieve maximum efficiency and profitability.

BizzTreat collaborates with VETS AS on the successful integration of embedded reporting into their software solution, providing veterinary clinics with even better interpretation of information, understanding of data, and answering questions, leading to more effective management of their clinics.

SAAS product for veterinary clinics

EBITDA margin increase

by 5%

Workforce productivity increase

by 15%

Gross income increase

by 20%

Our Experience with Similar Initial Situations:

  • The design of data analytics functions requires a different approach, concept, knowledge, and experience than designing transactional software such as PMIS.

  • Implementing data analytics functions assumes the use of a different set of technologies than the development of transactional systems.

  • If the development of data analytics functions relies on approaches and technologies typical for transactional systems, the resulting solutions often prove to be inefficient for end users.

  • Data architecture is not typically the forte of development teams focused on transactional systems. Often, these teams then struggle with a number of implicit, unspoken expectations and requirements.

Initial Situation

When building its own PMIS (practice management software) product, Vets As cooperates with an external software team from the very beginning. The original assumption was that this team would also develop the data-analytical functions of the product and the basic set of reports.

Assignment from Vets

To provide a tool to VETS customers that will assist them in clinic management and process optimization. To aid VETS in building their own data integration and data analytics environment for their customers (clinics), enabling:

Utilization of both their own practice management information system (PMIS) developed by VETS and third-party PMIS as data sources.

Connecting additional data sources according to customer needs.

Cleansing, enriching, and visualizing data in a unified tool.

Developing efficient data analytic products tailored to individual clinics.

Tasks for Bizztreat

VETS approached us with the task of obtaining data from PMIS and creating comprehensive reporting. To fulfill this task, VETS set several requirements:

We need to acquire data from PMIS and Google Sheets.

We need to clean, transform (enrich, contextualize), and prepare data for output to a visualization tool.

We want to utilize a tool that allows us to track the development of data over time, make necessary adjustments, optimizations, and, above all, quickly and efficiently add additional clinics.

We subsequently want to integrate visual outputs - dashboards - into our software.

Challenges for Bizztreat

Convince Vet AS to abandon its planned approach to project management. Use our knowledge from similar projects that we have already solved for our clients and prepare arguments and answers to questions.

Why go into cooperation with Bizztreat? Why split the software development and data processing between two different suppliers? How to effectively handle data work in the hierarchy of individual clinics?

  • We can rely on our very complex business knowledge thanks to experiences from other projects.

  • We are capable of effectively describing the data processing needs at the development team level, which had not been defined until now.

  • We provide solutions using the GoodData visualization tool, which allows for very good management of rights and visualization options for different data for different users according to their hierarchy in the company or group of companies.

The Architecure of the Solution

BizzTreat proposed a solution utilizing the print in the ETL Bizzflow template on the Google Cloud Platform. Thanks to this solution, it was possible to obtain data from both sources and perform the necessary transformations. The data was then stored in output tables for our visualization tool. GoodData was chosen as the tool for data visualization. One of the main reasons and added value of this tool is the ability to utilize the Life Cycle Management feature, which allows configuring and managing multiple working environments through one main - master - working environment.

Our Solution

Together, we have devised a standardized set of dashboards that address the most crucial questions for clinics:


  • What are the key financial indicators of the given clinic?

  • Which products/services/categories generate the highest revenues?

  • Which patients generate the highest revenues?

  • How is the number of invoices issued evolving?

Customer Behavior

  • How many new patients/clients were added in the given month?

  • How many clients served in the last 18 months have returned?

  • How many of them already have their next visit scheduled?


  • What is the age and demographic structure of the patients?

  • Which breeds generate the highest revenues?

  • How many laboratory tests were conducted?

  • How many products remain in stock?

In addition to the above, the dashboards address many other questions, and we have not yet encountered a situation where the end customer significantly missed other areas.

Still, in collaboration with VETS, we continuously develop this product, using the main advantage of Life Cycle Management in GoodData - we apply changes only once in the dev environment and then simply integrate them to all client workspaces.

At the same time, we made sure that each clinic can only access its own data.

What Was It like Working with BizzTreat?

"Bizztreat allows us to combine pet health care with qualified business intelligence. Together, we are creating a powerful tool for planning and managing a group of veterinary clinics in the Czech Republic and Slovakia."

Jozef Fico

Results of Our Cooperation

When we started working on the project for VETS, we had many positive experiences with the visualization tool GoodData for clients who visualize their data for internal purposes. However, thanks to VETS, doors were opened for us to create reporting as a service for their end customers.

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