Data Preparation and Data Quality

There is no quality information without quality data. We make sure that you can rely on your data and make the right decisions

Our Solution


We will ensure that your data is complete, accurate, up-to-date, and accessible. We will establish processes for code quality management, audit queries, data profiling, and data lineage.


Are you dealing with constant data outages? We will set up monitoring and support for your data as well as business users. We will handle data-related incidents for you and ensure they do not happen again.


We've saved the best for last!

You will have access to a dashboard which shows you where you stand with data quality every day.

What Is the Value of Data Quality?

Better decision making

Elimination of data errors and ensuring consistency helps both in strategic planning and in operational management.

Increased productivity

Automating and optimizing data quality control processes reduces the costs associated with investigating and correcting data errors.

Increased data credibility

People want to make decisions based on data they trust. Trust in data can be easily lost and difficult to regain.

Overview and order

What is the data quality within the company? Who is responsible for resolving incidents? How quickly can we resolve an incident? What are the rules for data quality control?

Ensured compliance with regulations

Accurate data helps organizations comply with relevant legal regulations and standards regarding data protection.

Innovation support

High-quality data is a prerequisite for implementing advanced data models in the fields of machine learning, data science, or AI.

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Tried-And-True Technology

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Data Team as a Service
What Are the Benefits?

Instead of an individual, you get the experience of a entire team on top of:


This is how we do things. We don't do things half-way. We deliver with precision and reliability. We perform as we would expect others to.


We believe in progress and innovation, but not at any cost. Technology must serve us and not the other way aroud. This is why we only use tried-and-true technologies.


We can quickly respond to the needs of our clients. These are no clichés. We rely on systems and experience, we are flexible and interchangeable. It is that simple.


We are technologically independent, and thus only recommend tools we believe exactly fit the needs of your business. And we will teach you how to use them.

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