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We love data and business and we are looking for people who have the courage to join us.
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What To Expect


Data is our bread and butter.
It serves as a carrier of information, and our interpretations of it bring value for our clients. Each of us interprets it differnetly, preferring different tools, and it's this diversity that makes our team stronger.


We're a team. By sharing our know-how, we progress and learn from each other. We're a great bunch, and even though we're sometimes on opposite sides of the world, we value the time we spend together. We listen and talk to each other.


We only do things that make sense to us for those who share our values. With freedom comes great responsibility, which is why we never hide when things don't go as planned. We immediately look for other solutions and use it as a learning opportunity.

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What Do We Expect You to Do?

Provide Context

BYou'll look for connections in data to make it easier to interpret. You will give it context in order to answer various questions and you'll give your unique insight.

Ask Questions

We don't just blindly follow instructions. We look deeper for the origin of ideas, motives and most of all - benefits for the client.

Our favorite question is "Why?".

Reach Your Potential

We look under the hood of companies from various industries. For working with their data, we primarily use SQL, Bizzflow, Keboola, Power BI, GoodData, Tableau, and Python. We're open to new ideas and have plenty of work.

Where and How Do We Operate?

We are flexible. Very flexible. We are based in Prague, but you can work from anywhere you like.

The only must-have is to be online. Full-time or part-time.

Who Are We Currently Looking For?

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