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"We are proud of our partnership with Bizztreat, which has come a long way over the years. Their focus on customer value proposition, understanding of the end to end data journey, and time to delivery, makes them win every time."
Ali Farooq , VP of Global Channels, GoodData
"In last-mile delivery business it is crucial to respond to changes immediately. Thanks to BizzTreat we have significantly better overview of our fleet, its productivity and therefore we are able to deal with situations almost real time."
Viera Slota Gecková, CFO, DoDo
"For Dáme jídlo, the data is critical and necessary - its availability, accuracy and timeliness in reports and analyzes. This requires the right infrastructure, processes and knowledge. Bizztreat has been helping us with all this for several years and I know I can rely on it. . "
Břetislav Stromko, MKT & BI Director
“BizzTreat built BI for Rohlik and Cera with me from the very beginning. Without them I don’t know where we are heading.”
Marek Sacha, CEO, Cera
What initially started as an internal proof of concept grew into a stable reporting product with the help of our partners, Bizztreat. It took us around eight months, relying on limited knowledge and resources, to build an unreliable solution which required even more time to manage and fix constantly. We did not have that time. Starting from scratch, Bizztreat shipped our agreed POC in two and a half months.
Alexandru Mănescu, Data & Digital Operations Manager, Ringier
"Bizztreat allows us to combine pet health care with qualified business intelligence. Together we create a powerful tool for planning and managing a group of veterinary clinics in the Czech Republic and Slovakia."
Jozef Fico, Principal Ambassador and Evangelist, VETS AS
“BizzTreat is very flexible Keboola partner, which is able to deliver easy and fast data solution really quickly.”
Tomáš Čupr, CEO, Rohlik.cz
"In MND, in cooperation with Bizztreat, we built a new business data model, thanks to which we can now change the BI application, to build a new financial reporting and planning. Thanks to experience, this cooperation is certainly not the last for us."
Michal Vejborný, Head of data management, MND
"With the Bizztreat team, we managed to design and set up processes around our data that previously did not exist or were extremely busy for the analyst team. With data integration, architecture, data marts and a reporting layer, we will now satisfy the demand of analysts, business users and related systems. Everyone has the data in the detail they need for their decision-making and operations.”
— Jakub Rajský, BI Manager, TV Nova —
"Thanks to the analytics from BizzTreat, I can finally see how much our Configurator saves us time and money."
Dalibor Šulc, Digital Development Manager, ACO
"With BizzTreat, we got the first reports within weeks. We've got a self-care solution for this extremely dynamic time."
Milan Duba, Head of Finance, MND a.s
"The new solution saves hours of work and at the same time minimizes the probability of error caused by manual interventions."
Silvia Kňavová, Finance & Data Analyst, Twisto
“Thanks to BizzTreat we were able to launch proof-of-concept of our KPIs dashboards within two months. As this was our first major project in the field of business intelligence and data engineering, we appreciated the flexibility and approach that allowed us to respond flexibly to new requirements arising on the fly. Although we finally decided to migrate to another platform, BizzTreat helped us to orientate in which direction we want to go in this area. ”
David Pavlík, Chief Technology Officer, ShipMonk, a.s.
"Slevomat holds the market leader position in the field of leisure and special offers thanks to Business Intelligence. Data detectives from BizzTreat provide us with business data for our everyday operations."
Marie Havlíčková, CEO, Slevomat
"The greatest benefit of agile BI for MALFINI is the SINGLE POINT OF TRUTH. BI enables people to think in a broader context. Thanks to BizzTreat we have fast data in clear structure, and we gained control over data creation process."
Radek Veselý, Director, MALFINI, a.s.
"Thanks to Business Intelligence, we have all the data available in real time and we can summarize it and create various reports. And so, we are able to immediately and easily compare the costs of individual centers."
Miloslav Běťák, člen správní rady, Diakonie ČCE
“We are able to track all of our customer projects from the first contact till current extensions.”
Tomáš Formánek, CEO, Logio
"Bizztreat helped us build a Business Intelligence solution that is simple and flexible enough to implement our requirements. He is a reliable and fast partner - we saw the first reports within 5 weeks of the start of cooperation."
Jiří Kortus, Head of BI, Rouvy
"Bizztreat is a reliable partner that can quickly respond to business needs. They helped us build a comprehensive BI solution, which enables us to distribute data with the desired quality and frequency throughout the entire company."
Jiří Brothánek, IT manager Crocodille
“Thanks to everyone involved for patience, support and well-done work. Transitions between systems are always demanding, so my impression is, that it was actually done excellently.“
Tomáš Pešek, Head of Controlling, Economia
Thanks to BizzTreat's work, the client has more readily available data than in the past and can make business decisions based on it. The team delivers items on time and communicates effectively through in-person and virtual meetings. Moreover, BizzTreat is flexible, efficient, and knowledgeable. I am impressed by their company culture, flexibility, speed, and knowledge.
Lukáš Drbohlav, Chief Digital Information Officer, Zátiší Group
Working with BizzTreat feels like they are part of our own team. I appreciate their approach and effective way of communication. Each individual colleague was an expert in their field, and I would gladly recommend them.
Marek Vašíček, CTO & Co-Founder, FTMO
Thanks to solutions from BizzTreat, we've been able to automate manual tasks so that instead of editing and processing data, we can focus on the results. I highly appreciate their approach, flexibility, and professionalism.
Martina Počalová, CFO, INVENTI

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