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Agile data analytics helps ADLER to manage performance of their sales team and increase sales by 30% year on year.

"In last-mile delivery business it is crucial to respond to changes immediately. Thanks to BizzTreat we have significantly better overview of our fleet, its productivity and therefore we are able to deal with situations almost real time."
Viera Slota Gecková, CFO, DoDo
“BizzTreat built BI for Rohlik and Cera with me from the very beginning. Without them I don’t know where we are heading.”
Marek Sacha, CEO, Cera
"Thanks to Business Intelligence, we have all the data available in real time and we can summarize it and create various reports. And so, we are able to immediately and easily compare the costs of individual centers."
Miloslav Běťák, člen správní rady, Diakonie ČCE
"The greatest benefit of agile BI for ADLER is the SINGLE POINT OF TRUTH. BI enables people to think in a broader context. Thanks to BizzTreat we have fast data in clear structure, and we gained control over data creation process."
Radek Veselý, statutární ředitel, ADLER Czech
“BizzTreat is very flexible Keboola partner, which is able to deliver easy and fast data solution really quickly.”
Tomáš Čupr, CEO, Rohlik.cz
"Slevomat holds the market leader position in the field of leisure and special offers thanks to Business Intelligence. Data detectives from BizzTreat provide us with business data for our everyday operations."
Marie Havlíčková, CEO, Slevomat
“We are able to track all of our customer projects from the first contact till current extensions.”
Tomáš Formánek, CEO, Logio
“Thanks to everyone involved for patience, support and well-done work. Transitions between systems are always demanding, so my impression is, that it was actually done excellently.“
Tomáš Pešek, Head of Controlling, Economia
„Data analytics has rapidly accelerated our business and strategic decision-making process”
Marie Chytilová, CEO, Slevomat

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