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Gone are the days when it was all about the food. In today's gastronomy scene, savvy decision-making reigns supreme. It's not about gut feelings - it's about data. We've got the expertise to help you

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Specific Examples of Crucial Areas in The Industry

Key Performance Indicators

Revenues, costs, margins, as well as the speed and timeliness of order delivery, alongside important customer and product-specific information, form a comprehensive view of the operational and financial performance of the entire company.

Customer Information

Metrics such as AOV, ARPU, CAC, purchase frequency, or CLV help understand the purchasing behavior of your customers and, with subsequent segmentation, create a comprehensive tool to increase the effectiveness of marketing and sales activities.

Inventory Management

Determining the value, size, age, maintenance items, and predicting risky items based on their age provides valuable insights for efficient inventory management.

Customer Satisfaction and Feedback

AI sentiment analysis of textual reviews gathered from various data sources offers a tool for improving internal processes, services, and products based on customer feedback.

Food & Gastronomy

Let's explore opportunities for your growth!

Let's explore opportunities for your growth!

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