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Agile Data Analytics Helps Malfini Manage Salespeople's Performance and Increase Sales by 30 % Year-On-Year

Ambitious sales goals and the need to effectively manage the sales team prompted managers at MALFINI to make a significant decision. They decided to end slow and inaccurate Excel reporting and transition to real-time monitoring using Business Intelligence.

However, after two unsuccessful attempts to implement BI and build a data warehouse, MALFINI saw no light at the end of the tunnel.

MALFINI asked us for help.

We first focused on sales, and the first version of the BI solution was ready within a month.

That's agile data analytics delivered by BizzTreat.

Seller of promotional apparel

Increased Sales

by 30%





Main Challenges

MALFINI sells promotional textiles and apparel to 19 countries. The goal is to increase sales by 30% year-on-year. The company needs to effectively manage the sales team. It is necessary to onboard new sales representatives, increase warehouse capacities, and invest in information systems.

Previous Problems

  • The extremely long implementation that took 2 years

  • The new Olap generated incorrect data.

  • Different departments had different information, leading to disputes.

  • It was impossible to effectively manage the sales team based on monthly reports.

  • The set goals were not being met.

Actual Needs

  • Correctly assess costs to ensure that sales growth is financially sustainable.

  • Define an accurate daily business plan and model it into smaller units.

  • Identify key metrics for daily evaluation of the business plan.

  • Continuous monitoring of goal achievement based on unified information.

  • Motivate salespeople to meet ambitious sales quotas.

Solution and Strategy

The previous BI solution was built on a data warehouse, which needed to be built first. This typically involves lengthy process modeling and complex business analyses.

We have rich experience in the business world and understand how sales, marketing, logistics, or manufacturing work. We are familiar with accounting terms, understand the needs of companies, and speak their language. In Malfini, we found out during the initial meeting that sales were the most pressing issue. Therefore, we first built BI for the sales division. It was completed within a month, and the statutory director of Malfini had the first results on his desk.

Clean Data -Interconnected, and in Context

We found that the data models we were using didn't yield reliable and accurate numbers. This led to a situation where the company was playing a precise game with imprecise numbers. We had to clean the data and then link it together to establish the correct context.

One problem at Malfini, for example, was with discounts. Some discounts apply to individual invoice items, while others apply to the entire invoice. When exporting data from the Karat ERP system to Excel, only one type of discount was included. The value added by our services was that we created a composite discount. As a result, discounts could be calculated correctly.

Daily Targets for Better Salespeople Management


Correct Metrics

Companies can typically establish a single goal for themselves. However, this is often where the effort stops, as there is no one within the company empowered to continuously monitor progress towards that goal. Frequently, managers struggle to define the metrics for measuring these objectives. In such cases, how can they hope to maintain control and steer the business effectively? At Malfini, we have identified the following key metrics:

  • Revenue from product sales

  • Units sold

  • Nominal margin per unit

  • Percentage margin per unit

What Was It like Working with BizzTreat?

"The data detectives from BizzTreat helped us rectify inconsistent data flowing from the data warehouse."

Radek Veselý
Statutory Director of MALFINI

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