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Automatic Reporting of Order Status and 20% Increase in Fleet Utilization Efficiency

DoDo specializes in express delivery of parcels of various types.

When you need to take parcels to the post office, when you forget your charger at work, or when you urgently need a birthday cake for your daughter.

At the same time, DoDo delivers hundreds of thousands of parcels monthly for a wide range of e-commerce entities, utilizing DoDo for last-mile logistics.

However, in order for DoDo to efficiently utilize their vehicles and be aware of the current status of orders, they needed a tool that would provide them with a detailed overview of their entire fleet.

innovative delivery service

Fulfilling more orders using fewer vehicles and couriers

by 10 %

Fleet utilization efficiency

by 20 %

Saving on labor

500 h/year

All That Thanks to BizzTreat.

Introducing DoDo

Every now and then, everyone needs a personal assistant who can reliably deliver any parcel. Whether it is an important contract for a client or a present for a family member.

With an average delivery time of 47 minutes, DoDo helps arrange what their clients don't have time for themselves.

From delivering a fresh pizza, purchasing office supplies, picking up a suit from the cleaners, or dropping off a parcel at the post office and so much more.

DoDo operates within the B2B segment as a highly efficient, reliable, and tailor-made last-mile solution. It helps e-commerce players efficiently and sustainably address logistics to end customers, whether it's groceries delivery, orders from e-shops, or express food delivery.

At the same time, DoDo is a highly flexible personal assistance and courier service that, based on orders via SMS or Facebook Messenger, can provide immediate assistance with almost any problem.

Assignment from DoDo

1. We want a detailed overview of the fleet. 

Within a short period, the fleet has expanded by hundreds of vehicles, and the current system of vehicle registration every 14 days is not sustainable. We want to address reporting options without burdening the fleet department and replace manual work with automation 

2. We need a detailed up-to-date overview of order status

Our goal is to respond to customer requests even faster and utilize available vehicles more efficiently.

3. Our reports are getting out of hand 

Efficient logistics relies on meticulous reporting. We aim to streamline and automate the entire process. The capacities gained from the internal team can then be utilized for developing new functionalities.

Tasks for BizzTreat 

1. Select the right technology 

DoDo uses Microsoft, so we choose a technlogy with which they are familiar.

2. Data source 

We are able to store data from the logistics platform and Google Sheets using the print in the ETL (extract, transform, load) Bizzflow template, built on the Microsoft Azure cloud solution, to a SQL server. Here, data is transformed and output tables are stored for the visualization tool.

3. Visualization tool

Considering the preference for Microsoft solutions, we choose Power BI, which is also a suitable tool for real-time data

"In the last-mile delivery business, it's crucial to respond to changes immediately. Thanks to BizzTreat, we have significantly better insight into our fleet, its productivity, and can address situations almost in real time." 

Viera Slota Gecková


  • Simple and accurate overview of order status.

  • Flexibility of the chosen template with the possibility of future modification

  • Maximization of technology usage and automation

  • Payment only for cloud usage

  • Easy monitoring anytime, anywhere.


A complete overview of vehicles is updated 4 times a day

The previous filling out of reports once every 14 days is now replaced by automatic updates 4 times a day. The overview of fleet utilization helps us better plan vehicle capacities by up to 20%.

Easy and simple order status overview  

Thanks to reporting, we can utilize vehicles with 20% greater efficiency , allowing us to fulfill 10% more orders with fewer vehicles and couriers.

Reports are generated automatically, saving us 500 hours of work per year.

We monitor customer budget fulfillment and save 10 hours of manual work for DoDo employees weekly. This allows the internal team's time to be used for developing new functionalities and overall improvement of courier services.

Thanks to Power BI, we have a powerful tool even for partners who have access to the reporting. Together, we can continuously enhance existing processes.

Fewer accidents 

We've connected a unique Power BI report on accident rates to the KPIs of individual stream managers, who can monitor, for example, the speed of drivers entering dangerous turns.

Thanks to the implemented measures, we managed to reduce accident rates by 11% in just 3 months.

"With the Accidents report, we track the overall development of accident rates, broken down by regions and couriers. This way, we know who is a good driver and reliable courier and who is not. It's excellent to have the ability to compare different periods."

Adam Souček
Head of express delivery DoDo 

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