We focus on technologies in which we believe and at which we excel.

Technologies are chosen with regard to the needs and size of our customers.


  • for small and medium companies
  • template built on Cloud services
    (GCP/AWS/MS Azure)
  • operating costs for Cloud from $50/monthly

    More about Bizzflow

Enterprise ETL

  • for large companies
  • integrated user interface
  • metadata
  • multi-project architecture
  • sophisticated user management
  • multiple team support
  • data governance support
  • operating costs from $2000/monthly

Technologies for data visualization

GoodData - data distribuční platforma
Visualization and data distribution tool for unlimited number of users from $20 monthly. 
Tableau - business intelligence vizualizační platforma
Visualization and analytical platform
for big data.
PowerBI - vizualizace dat
Sometimes better than Excel, but when you love it, there is no deal.

Analytical databases

Web scraping –
monitoring of prices, products and offers on websites

Apify - extract data from any website

Special platform enabling automatized data extraction from websites instead of manual listing.